Summoners War: Sky Arena – 10 Tips For Newbies

Summoners War: Sk Arena

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a mobile game by Com2US. It is like a monster training game that is in a way similar to Pokemon. Here’s 10 tips you need to know before starting the game which is available on the Android and iOS app stores.

  1. It’s all about the Runes. Focus on getting only high level runes on your monsters. 1 and 2 star runes are garbage. Only use 3-star or above runes. You should try and plus your runes fast as possible as this is what will power up your monsters even more so than leveling.
  2. Focus on 1 Monster at a time. It maybe temping to try and level and power up many monster at a time but if you focus on just 1 and make it really strong, it will make it very easy to not only grind in the future but power-level other monsters too!
  3. Battle in the Arena..but only if you can win. If you know you can’t beat your opponent, don’t try. The higher your Arena rank every week, the higher your reward will be.
  4. Save your gems to buy Summoner Packs of Mystical Scrolls. This gives you the highest chance to get those 5-star monsters. Ordinary summon scrolls only give a max of 3-star monsters.
  5. Not all 2-star monsters are weak. See which monsters those in arena are using and research them online. You may be surprised.
  6. Awaken your monsters as soon as you can. It’s not very hard to get the materials. The Fire/Water/Wind/Light/Dark dungeons rotate Monday-Friday so you have all day to get the necessary materials for an attribute.
  7. The Magic Dungeon can drop any attribute so grinding this dungeon isn’t that bad of an idea.
  8. The Fire Inugami is a beast. I recommend you try and get this monster as soon as possible and 5-star him. It will make your life a lot easier. Fire Inugami can be obtained the the Volcano Island or through summon scrolls.
  9. The game is playable on both Android and iOS so you can play at work on your Android smartphone and at home in your iPad…etc.
  10. Connect your Facebook account. If you invite 50 friends you get a Light Fairy which is very useful for farming the Giants Dungeons.