Pokemon GO Back To #1 On App Store Following Halloween Event

Pokemon GO HalloweenPokemon GO has seen a surge in the amount of revenue generated on the iOS App Store. The currently ongoing Halloween event gives players double the candy per Pokemon caught and an increased encounter rate for Ghost-type Pokemon. Clearly players are excited about the event as they have propelled the app from outside the Top 10 into the much-desired #1 spot for Top Grossing apps. (Screenshot Below)pokemon go top grossing iTunes

Pokemon GO enjoyed a seat at the top of the Top Grossing charts for months after its release. The game lost its position to other games such as Clash Of Clans and Mobile Strike after there were complaints by the community about a lack of features and slow updates. For example, Pokemon trading is a feature that was promised in the games teaser trailer but has yet to make it into the app.

Our Thoughts

We love seasonal events just as much as anyone else but we would rather Niantic focus on bringing new features and more ways to play the game. An increased candy drop-rate and Pokemon encounters is just pure laziness. Give me Pokemon Trading and 1 vs 1 Trainer battles. Then I’ll come think about jumping back into the game.