HIT – Lena Update Is Here (Patch Notes, Weapon/Armor Details)


HIT - Heroes Of Incredible Tales LENA character wallpaperHIT Update Details + Patch Notes

  1. New Character “Lena” Is Now Available
  • The fifth character of HIT, Lena, will be available with the new update.
  • Lena is an archer class with both melee and ranged attacks.HIT - Lena Archer Costumes

[How To Create Lena!]

  1. Go To Characters icon in the top left corner while in-game.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-6-51-50-pm
  2. An additional slot for Lena will be provided FREE OF CHARGE!HIT - Lena Character Screen

1-1. Lena level-up event! (November 3rd – November 23rd)HIT Level UP Event - Lena - Archer's Finally Here

  • Check out the Event tab in the main menu for more details.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-6-56-31-pm

*The event does not apply to other characters. Event is one for the new archer character, Lena*

1-2. Celebrating Lena update, 7-day attendance

  1. Day 1 = 100,000 Gold Reward
  2. Day 2 = Costume Card x1
  3. Day 3 = Epic+ Weapon Card x1
  4. Day 4 = Epic+ Armor Card x1
  5. Day 5 = Epic+ Accessory Card x1
  6. Day 6 = Legendary+ Armor Card (Season 1) x1
  7. Day 7 = Legendary Weapon Card x1 (Season 1) x1 + 3,000 gems

2-1. Lena Weapons Details (Season 1 +2)HIT - Lena Weapons Details - Heroes Of Incredible Tales

2-2. Lena Armor Details (Season 1 + 2)HIT - Lena Armor Guide Seasons 1 and 2 - Heroes Of Incredible Tales

3. Lena Halloween Costumes!

  • Lena Halloween costumes can be obtained from Premium Costume cards or packages!
  • Halloween costumes for rankers are rewards in Duel, Brawl and Raids.HIT - Lena Archer Halloween Costumes

Lena Staff Costumes - HIT (Heroes Of Incredible TalesHeroes Of Incredible Tales - Lena Staff Halloween Costumes

[Changes & Bug Fixes]

  • The error for incorrect stats Halloween Capes has been fixed
  • The effort for missing enhancement button and level on some costumes has been fixed.
  • The error for incorrect description of weekly missions has been fixed.
  • The error for showing (COUNT_COST) instead of amount of gems when recharging raid points has been fixed.
  • The error for auto-battle not being activated intermittently has been fixed.
  • The error for game freeze while enhancing weapon’s unique skills has been fixed.
  • The error for missing images on the load screen has been fixed.
  • The description of Sanctuaries entering conditions has been modified.
  • The error for being unable to enhance armor/accessories while they are equipped on iOS version has been fixed.

[Event Completion]

  • “Phantasm Islands” event dungeons will be closed.
  • Halloween Webview Event will be closed.

Download Links (iOS,  Android)Heroes Of Incredible Tales Lena Character App Icon