Top 5 Games That Deserve PS4 Pro Enhancements

Grand Theft Auto VThe PS4 Pro is finally here. Although all PS4 games work on our shiny new PS4 Pro, we can’t help but wish some of these games were enhanced with either better graphics or performance to really take advantage of the console. Here’s our Top 5 in no particularly order.


Released over 2 years ago, Destiny is still one of the most popular games on PS4. With the recent release of the Rise Of Iron expansion in September, there has been a reignited interest in the game. The game’s gameplay is still top-notch and it’s likely to bring in a whole lot of new players this holiday. A 60FPS mode for the game is unlikely due to the unfair advantages it would bring to PS4 Pro owners but a bump in resolution above 1080p and better lighting, shadows and textures is definitely possible.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is incredible popular despite being over 3 years old. The game is a guaranteed to sell like hotcakes and be picked dup along with PS4 Pros this holiday. Being an open-world game, the game can easily be upgraded to support the PS4 Pro.  A jump in resolution, drew distance, texture and shadow quality would look mighty impressive on the Ps4 Pro.


Despite its blocky graphics, Minecraft can be taxing on console hardware. PS4 Pro can allow for much higher draw distances and rock-solid frame-rate no matter how much is going on. A bump in resolution to Native 4K should be possible on the Pro. The one thing that might prevent this from happening is that Microsoft now owns Minecraft.

Star Wars Battlefront

Released last year, Star Wars Battlefront was massive success. Using the Frostibte engine the game already looks amazing. A bump in resolution along with a rock-solid frame-rate would be enough to make us revisit this game.

Rocket League

This indie game was a surprise hit ever since it was free via Playstation Plus. The game is a favorite among gamers on all platforms and PS4 owners would appreciate an upgrade in graphics for the PS4 Pro.

Do you agree with our list? Have any of your own to add? Feel free to leave a comment below with your picks for a PS4 Pro upgrade.

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