(UPDATE) Microsoft Implies Xbox One S Does 4K Gaming With Misleading Ad

UPDATE: Microsoft has removed the ad from Youtube, admitting that the ad was misleading.

Microsoft has released a new ad that starts with a man telling his Grandma “Hey Grandma, the new Xbox One S has 4K Ultra HD Resolution”. The phrase is repeated throughout the video while the man and his grandma are playing a video game. This implies that the Xbox One S does 4K Gaming, which is completely false. Technically, the Xbox One S only does ‘4K Ultra HD Resolution” with Ultra HD Blu-Rays and supported Streaming Video services. The console is not capable of doing 4K Gaming like the competing PS4 Pro.

The problem with this ad is that it appears that Microsoft is intentionally confusing and lying to its potential buyers in the all important holiday shopping season. This is not the first time Microsoft has released a controversial and misleading ad regarding the Xbox One S. Microsoft is going out of its way to use phrases and wording that are borderline false advertising such as “The ultimate games and 4K entertainment experience”.

The video in question does not even feature any small print or disclaimer that 4K Resolution only applies to non-gaming applications. That’s just not right. It’s a disgusting practice that Microsoft seems way too comfortable with.

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