HIT – Lunar New Year Update (Jan. 26 Patch Notes)

Heroes Of incredible Tales Lunar New Year Patch Notes

Patch Notes – January 26th

New Items Available

1. Rich and Famous Costume Update!

– New Rich and Famous Costumes have been added.
– Rich and Famous costumes are available from Premium Costume Cards.
– Rich and Famous costumes are also available from certain packages.
– Rich and Famous costumes for rankers are available from Duel, Brawl, Raid ranking rewards.
Fixed options for “Rich and Famous Costume”
– Available from shop (Lv20): Immortal: Critical Rate Resistance 4% / Legendary: Critical Rate Resistance 2%
– Available from ranking rewards (Lv20): Immortal: Critical Rate Resistance 4% / No fixed options for legendary

[Rich and Famous Costumes Available at Shop]

HIT - Lunar New Year Costumes

[Rich and Famous Costumes Available from Ranking Rewards]

HIT - Lunar New Year - Ranked Costumes

2. New Hope’s Wings!

– New hope’s wings have been added.
– There are three different colors for Hope’s Wings.
– There are three different grades for Hope’s Wings regardless of their colors.
– Hope’s wings are obtainable from premium wing cards.
– At least one legendary wing will be guaranteed from Premium Wing Card 10+1 draws
Fixed options for Hope’s Wings
– (Lv 20) Immortal: PvP damage increase by 7.5% / Legendary: PvP damage increase by 5.5% / Epic: PvP damage increase by 3.5%
HIT - Hopes Wings

3. New Lucky Pets

– The new lucky pets are obtainable from companion cards available at shop.
– A pet of at least immortal grade will be guaranteed from 10+1 companion card draws.
– Companion cards can also be purchased with Seraphim’s Feathers.HIT Phoenix Pets
HIT Phoenix Pet Stats
Three types of armor can be equipped on the new lucky pets: head, chest, glove
*Fixed options will be the same for all grades of lucky pets.*

What are fixed options?

– Fixed options are unchangeable options that are shown in orange.
– Fixed options are applied only from “Hope’s Wings,” “Rich and Famous Costumes,” and “Lucky pets.”
HIT - Fixed Options

New Content

1. Event Dungeon “Phantasm Island – Winter” Open!

– Event Period: 01.26 (Thurs.) after maintenance – 02. 16 (Thurs.) before maintenance.
– You can obtain equipment enhancement materials at Phantasm Island – Winter during the event period.
– You can obtain epic jewels at a chance upon clearing Phantasm Island 3-5 stage.
*We’ve confirmed an incorrect written description for the star accumulation rewards of Phantasm Island – Winter rewards. However, this will not affect receiving the rewards.*
Phantasm Island


1. Celebrating the 200 days, new accessories!

– Event Period: 01. 26 (Thurs.) after maintenance – 02. 16 (Thurs.) before maintenance
– The new 200-day accessories of legendary and immortal grades can be crafted during the event period.
*only the 200-day accessories can be crafted during the event period*

2. Celebrating HIT’s 200th Day-versary, the new 7-day attendance rewards!

– Event Period: 01. 26 (Thurs.) after maintenance- 02. 16 (Thurs.) before maintenance

3. The new monthly log-in event is back!

A. The new log-in event rewards are for both existing and the returning users!
B. You can get both Season 2 and 3 equipment from equipment cards received from log-in event.

4. Inventory Expansion Cost Reduction Event !

– Event Period: 01.26 (Thurs.) after maintenance – 02.16 (Thurs.) before maintenance
– Event Details: Inventory expansion cost per 1 slot will be decreased to 200 gems from 500 gems during the event period.
– Total of 4,000 gems will be used if you haven’t expanded any inventory slot before.