Top 5 PS4 Exclusives Xbox One Gamers Would Kill For

The Xbox One is a great console. However it is lacking in exclusives. The following list is of games that are playable only on PS4 and not available on Xbox One. In no particular order, here we go.

The Last Of Us RemasteredThe Last Of Us Remastered Wallpaper

The Last Of Us is an incredible game. We wouldn’t normally put a remaster on this list but the game is such a masterpiece that it deserves a spot. For those that don’t know, The Last Of Us was first released on the PS3 and later ported to the PS4 and enhanced for the PS4 Pro.

As for the game itself, The Last Of Us has an amazing story and characters. The story is about the survival of Joel and Ellie, the game’s protaganists. The game is not necessarily about zombies but it is about some sort of infection and ugly fungus monsters. The game’s survival aspect is more intense the higher the difficulty. The game’s gameplay is top-notch and even lends itself to a great multiplayer experience. We love the crafting system. But don’t take my word for it, critics gave it a 95 out of 100 over at Metacritic.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world third-person survival game. The game is driven by a strong story, great gameplay and interesting characters. There’s slight RPG element with the leveling up and skill unlocks but it is mostly a story-driven game. Threre’s tons of side quests to distract you from the main story but only if you want to get sidetracked. Horizon’s survival elements include scavenging for machine parts and plants to craft arrows and potions. It’s implemented very well in our opinion.

Critics agree that Horizon Zero Dawn is amazing, giving the game an 89 our of 100 over at Metacritic. This is not just a good game, it is unique and refreshing. You fight machines with bows and arrows, who doesn’t want to play that?

BloodborneBloodborne PS4

Bloodborne is a ‘Souls’ game. If you’ve played the Dark Souls series then you will be familiar with the way Bloodborne plays. The game however has a unique setting, its set in the Victorian era, making it stand out from the other ‘Souls’ games. There’s also no shields in the game, so the game has more of a focus on offense rather than defense.

There’s nothing more frustrating than dying a dozen times figuring out a boss. However the 13th time you fight that boss and kill it, that’s what makes the game so rewarding. Critics agree that Bloodborne is an amazing game. The game stands at a 92 out of 100 on Metacritic.

Uncharted 4Uncharted 4 Drake Wallpaper PS4

Standing at a 93 out of 100 on Metacritic makes it obvious that Uncharted 4 is a must-play game. The game in our opinion delivers the best graphics and animation on PS4. In terms of story and characters, the game follows the story of the previous Uncharted games, which are also available via Uncharted The Collection.

There’s just something magical about the way Naughty Dog makes its games. They use best-in-class technology to maximize the PS4s power an it really does show. Uncharted 4 looks amazing. It has an interesting story, characters and some mind-bending puzzles for you to solve. It is at times like action-movie but it can also deliver some more emotional moments that few other video games can match. It’s shooting mechanics are also top-notch and much improved from Uncharted 3. It’s multiplayer mode is also extremely fun for a 3rd person shooter, maybe even besting Gears Of War 4. Although that’s up to debate.

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter 5

The Street Fighter franchise used to be multiplatform. However Sony struck a deal with Capcom and made Street Fighter V exclusive to the PS4. If you only own an Xbox One and you are a Street Fighter fan then you are out of luck.

Street Fighter V isn’t a masterpiece but it is a must-play for serious fighting game fans. The game was criticized early on for a lack of game modes but since launch the game has received content updates and new characters. Xbox fans are definitely missing out by not playing Street Fighter V.

In Conclusion

There’s so many PS4 exclusives that we left out many from this list, especially Japanese games. However this was intentional since sales data shows that Xbox One gamers aren’t very interested in Japanese games. Feel free to leave your comments below and don’t forget to share this article.

If you have the itch to play any of the games in our list, don’t hesitate. PS4 sells for about $250 and would make an excellent second console for Xbox One fans.

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