Destiny 2 Could Be The Biggest Flop Of The Year

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Last year saw a large amount of ‘AAA’ games release to poor sales despite great reviews and press coverage. Games like Titanfall 2, Watch Dogs 2, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare all either flopped completely or had massive decline in sales year-over-year.

This year, we’ve already had Mass Effect: Andromeda release to poor sales, even though it managed to chart at #1 in the UK, its actual sales numbers are pretty low for its launch week. Halo Wars 2 released in February this year and didn’t even manage to make the Top 10 in sales for the month. That’s already 2 flops and 2017 has just gotten started. Destiny 2 could go either way, it could either be the biggest flop of the year or the biggest release of the year.

High Expectations

The expectations for Destiny 2 to deliver a fresh new take over the original are enormous. There are obvious demands from fans such as matchmaking for raids but overall what will make Destiny 2 a success or a failure is if Bungie manages to please fans. It is Bungie’s job to make good games and sometimes this means giving fans things they didn’t even know they wanted or needed. So Bungie needs to take fans requests into consideration, but it also needs to surprise its fans with creative new ideas and innovations.

Cal Of Duty Crowd

Call Of Duty is on the decline. There was a huge backlash to Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and sales were down significantly over Black Ops 3. This is a chance for Destiny 2 to appeal to a more casual gamer. In our opinion, the original Destiny is a little too hardcore-focused, especially with the way they handle Raids. The Call of Duty games in comparison are very casual-friendly. Destiny 2 needs to be easily accessible for casual gamers like Call Of Duty fans in order to please fans and expand to a new audience.

It’s Up To Bungie

In the end, Bungie’s decisions in regards to Destiny 2‘s features, content and marketing will make it a success or a failure. The original Destiny managed to retain a huge audience over the years thanks to some great post-launch expansions. With Destiny 2, it’s up to Bungie to both please loyal fans and gains news ones.

We still haven’t seen any gameplay from Destiny 2 but once we do we can get a hint at what direction they are taking with the game. And as we have seen time and time again, first impressions are everything. The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal could be Bungie’s shot at creating the most anticipated game of the year. There’s a lot of pressure on Bungie’s shoulders and as a huge fan of the original Destiny I hope this is not yet another AAA flop.

What do you think? Do you think Bungie will be able to deliver with Destiny 2? What are your expectations? Leave your comments below and please share this article via social media.

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